Five teams won awards in four categories for innovating effective solutions for a number of urban problems such as healthcare, housing and renewable energy at the grand finale of Urban Innovation Challenge.

Leveraging the idle rooftop solar panels that can be used to power residential water pumps to lift water from ground level to overhead reservoir.

Creates an affordable cooking solution for households through its designed digester, Lasiter. This digester is installed on rooftops and uses collected kitchen waste to produce gas for household supply.

Ensures delivery of authentic diagnostic and digital primary healthcare services to the doorsteps of patients through use of the Jotno Healthcare Box.  This unit is equipped with the Jotno mobile app and Point-of-Care Testing devices with the capability to diagnose through 70+ vital pathological tests.

Provides turnkey water solutions via metered Water ATM dispensing systems using RFID-enabled pay as you go cards. Drinkwell leverages mobile money platforms to enable utility providers to deliver safe drinking water in hard-to-reach areas.

Designs and constructs multi-purpose service points in urban slums that offer common facilities for the cooking and washing.  Onushongo develops master construction plans for slum development with an aim to avoid the displacement that can accompany gentrification.

Honourbale Mention:

Installing, designing rain water harvesting system in public spaces to address the demand for clean drinking water for the migrants to the city who are in extreme monetary crisis.