Can I participate in this challenge?

You can if you are a university student or an early-start organisation with less than 10 lac invested. Only teams can apply.

What is the maximum number of members in a group?


Can a team of professionals apply?

Yes, as long you can fulfil our minimum time commitment (25 hours/week).

I am a student and may not be able to meet the time commitment required during the incubation phase? Can I still apply?

If you cannot meet the requirement, we advise you to team up with entrepreneurs/ professionals/ other students who can do so.

Do the team members have to be from the same institution or organisation?


How do I apply?

Please fill up the online application form here.

Can I submit more than one idea? And under more than one theme?


Do I have to submit a city-specific idea or a general idea addressing a theme of UIC?

We encourage city-specific ideas. If you submit a general idea, you must the city where you will implement it during incubation.

What support will I get during incubation?
  • Access to BRAC facilities and support from BRAC staff in your city
  • In-person guidance from leading local entrepreneurs
  • Virtual sessions with international experts on design, prototyping and business development
  • A 5-day, urban bootcamp to understand the problem on the ground
  • Up to BDT 500,000 per team in seed funding from BRAC and linkage to investors
I’m based in Chittagong, but my idea is addressing a problem in Dhaka. Will it be acceptable to address a problem of another city?

We encourage you to work on problems in your own city. If you win the challenge, you have to implement your idea in your city during incubation.

My team members are living in different cities. Can I work with a solution that will be implemented in any of the cities they live in?

You must implement your idea in the city where your team leader lives.

When is the application deadline?

30 November 2016 (Bangladesh time 11:59pm).

When will I get to know the status of my application?

We will announce shortlisted ideas on.

How many teams will be selected as winners?

5-6 teams.

Is there any participation/registration fee?


Do I have to fill up the form in English?

You can fill it in either English or Bengali.

Where can I get more information on the challenge?

For more information, please download this Applicant Information Packet.

How will you contact with me if my idea is selected?

You will be notified via e-mail and the contact number you provide in the application form.

If my idea is selected, will I have the sole right to work on it or BRAC will inherit the copyright?

You will have complete right over your idea. BRAC is here only to support and guide you.

For more information, mail your questions to uic@brac.net