Winning teams

Category: Health

  • Bhumijo
  • Bloodman

Category: Employment

  • Driver Mela
  • Servicing Campus

Category: Transport

  • AmarBike


Team members:

  1. Farhana Rashid, Bhumijo
  2. Md Masudul Islam, Bhumijo
  3. Sam-E-Jahan, Bhumijo
  4. Faozia Rashid Taimy, Khulna University


A social enterprise that aims to establish hygienic and secure public toilets for women through public-private collaboration. The idea is that public restaurants in Dhaka will open their lavatories to the public against a nominal fee. Rapid uptake of this could help tackle the lack of public toilets in the metropolis.


Team members:

  1. Md Sahariar Hasan, a2i Programme, Prime Minister’s Office
  2. Shadman Sadab, University of Dhaka
  3. Nusrat Jitu, University of Dhaka


An app where people can send request for blood donors. GPS integration in the app finds the nearest donors and collect their responses. Bloodman’s call centre can also track the nearest donor and call them to donate blood in cases where they have not responded in the app.

Driver Mela

Team members:

  1. Md Taifur Azam Mojumder, University of Chittagong
  2. Md Abdul Monayem Asif, University of Chittagong
  3. Priyanka Chakraborty, University of Chittagong


A certified training organisation will train and certify drivers and help them find jobs consistent with their expertise.

Servicing Campus

Team members:

  1. Abu Sayed, Begum Rokeya University, Rangpur
  2. Kazi Sanzidul IslamBegum Rokeya University, Rangpur
  3. Md Al-Amin Islam Begum Rokeya University, Rangpur
  4. Tasfia Khatun Begum Rokeya University, Rangpur


A social enterprise that will provide certification and employment opportunities for technicians who work in the informal sector. Additionally, the enterprise will provide technical training to school drop-outs at their training facility.


Team members:

  1. Shafeen Sana Chowdhury, 3bit Tech Ltd
  2. Navil Mostafa, 3bit Tech Ltd
  3. Al-Amin Sarker Tayef, 3bit Tech Ltd
  4. Shaneel Sana Chowdhury, 3bit Tech Ltd


A motorcycle taxi company that offers cheap and fast rides across Dhaka.